Tackling illegal migration and its causes upstream


The UK and France has agreed it is vital to deal with the continuous migration of people from countries of origin. Both countries have agreed to work together on returning migrants to their countries of origin, particularly in West Africa.

Home Secretary Theresa May MP
Home Secretary Theresa May MP

In Niger, a support centre for migrants is expected to open by the end of the year under the auspices of the International Organization for Migration. To reach these goals, the EU must set an ambitious and concrete agenda combining development issues, capacity building and an improvement in the short term of the cooperation of these countries in the field of readmission.

The UK Government has announced a new range of programmes to address the root causes of the migrant crisis. This includes aid initiatives totalling £217 million in Africa, to help approximately 2.5 million refugees and vulnerable people in the countries that the majority of migrants are travelling from or through. An additional £100 million in aid will help those displaced as a result of the Syria crisis.

With more than €3 billion a year in development assistance to Africa, France contributes to addressing the root causes of migration. Countries of origin and transit in West Africa are among those countries who receive the most, including to reinforce their capacities and to help them with the management of migration and refugees. Both countries agreed to coordinate their efforts in this field and push for ambitious EU aid programmes to develop the skills and improve the lives of those in source countries, aiming to improve standards of living and reduce drivers for migration.