Superlative wedding of Assumpta Ozua to Horia Victu


By Golda John – The families of Chief (Dr) and Chief (Mrs) Peter Ozua and Mr and Mrs Troader Victu delightfully gathered the Crème de la crème in the society to the wedding between Assumpta Ejeme their beloved daughter and Horia their son in a two day eclectic, classic marriage ceremony.

Assumpta Ozua and Horia Victu at the traditional wedding

The traditional wedding took place on Thursday 14th September 2017, at the Willows, Forrest Road, Ilford, London. The scenery was a royal traditional wedding set up of the Edo Kingdom, Nigeria. Princess Assumpta appeared in her traditional outfit, looking gorgeous and beautiful, while Horia Victu, the groom, an IT Engineer from Romania, transformed into her Prince charming, a typical Edo prince, who stole her heart and swept her off her feet.

Both families and all celebrity guests in attendance, were all dressed in rich traditional outfits befitting the special occasion while they danced to traditional cultural music and delighted themselves with traditional foods and drinks.

The church wedding took place on Saturday 16th September 2017 at St Anthony’s Catholic Church, Farnham Road, Slough.

All eyes were on Assumpta as she glided beautifully down the aisle as her father, Chief (Dr) Peter Ozua led her to the front happily, yet full of emotions knowing in his heart that she was really going away.

The Service was conducted by the Rev. Fr. Albert Ofere, who focused his homily on love, forgiveness, and forbade divorce. Assumpta and Horia made their vows in front of about 500 A list celebrity guests from around the world especially from Nigeria and Romania.

The reception followed at Ditton Park Manor, Royal Berkshire. The atmosphere was whimsical, featuring a decor that embraced everyone’s mood and allowed for full relaxation, in preparation for the a la carte that followed with the very popular Nigerian jollof rice as a side.

While Assumpta was looking dainty, Horia was dapper in their outfits, more like fairy tale inspired characters.
The bride’s mother Chief (Mrs) Elizabeth Ozua, well known for her sense of fashion, was simply scintillating and gorgeous.
The marriage ceremony between Assumpta and Horia was indeed a memorable one. Happy married to the newly wedded, Mr & Mrs Victu.

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Assumpta Ozua at the traditional wedding
Assumpta with parents Chief (Dr) and Chief (Mrs) Peter Ozua
The bride and groom with the parents
Bride’s parents Chief (Dr) and Chief (Mrs) Peter Ozua with some of the guests at the traditional wedding
Chief (Dr) Peter Ozua led his beautifully down the aisle
Assumpta Ozua and Horia Victu pronounced husband and wife
Guests throwing confetti over the newly married couple
Newly wedded, Mr & Mrs Victu
Mr & Mrs Victu arrives at venue of the reception at Ditton Park Manor, Royal Berkshire
Assumpta with parents Chief (Dr) and Chief (Mrs) Peter Ozua and her brother Peter Ozua Jnr
The newly wedded couple with groom’s parents Mr and Mrs Troader Victu
Assumpta Ozua and Horia Victu on the dance floor
Chief (Dr) Peter Ozua and his daughter Assumpta on the dance floor
Chief (Dr) Peter Ozua with close family members
Prince Mike and his adorable wife Golda with bride’s mother Chief (Mrs) Elizabeth Ozua
From left: Prince Mike Abiola, Dr. Baba Inusa, Dr. Alistair Soyode, Dr. Boma Douglas and Chima Olugh
Assumpta and Horia by their beautiful, towering  cake