Nigerian youngsters pass GCSEs ahead of time


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8 year-old Israel Adeboga, has become the youngest student to pass his GCSEs this year. The young Nigerian joined the 21-Day Excellence in Education (EIE) Course which was piloted to help students understand the fundamentals of ANY subject in less than 3 weeks. This was first celebrated by the London’s Evening Standard and other leading media outlets, including Sky TV.

Israel, who achieved a grade C in Maths, describes the EIE programme as ‘enjoyable’ as it helps him to understand and solve difficult math problems, and his passion for the subject is clear.

“I enjoy EIE because they give you end of chapter games from Maths Manual – which make hard sums look easy,” he said.

When he’s older Israel hopes to be a scientist, a singer and possibly even Prime Minister: “In the future I want to be a scientist because I am brainy and I have always been interested in it because I find out so much interesting since they look into things much deeper. I have always loved singing and I am very good at it is sort of my passion since I have been
doing it since age 4.”

The Excellence in Educational programme has pioneered new learning methods that have produced the record-breaking results for students from the most disadvantaged schools, and communities. Most of they have broken or set new records in academic and music/sports. EIE has now developed a new 21-day A-Level/GCSE course that can help any student of any ability, age or post code understand the fundamentals of any subject through gamification and other innovative tools such as the Maths Manual. This year the following inner city students participated in the programme which Professor William Maxwell of Harvard described as “the most unprecedented educational phenomena of recent years”, when he visited London during the last academic year.

Other EIE students also achieved outstanding results, highlighting the company’s solid teaching methods. 10-year-old Ann Ogundipe achieved a grade B in GCSE Math as well as managing to secure several scholarships to the UK’s top secondary schools. She commends the encouragement she received when first arriving at EIE: “My parents wanted me to get some help with my homework, and scholarship tests for secondary school, so we went to EIE, but when we got there, I saw many young children doing hard sums from the Maths Manual book. I was really surprised. So I wanted to have a go. Unlike in school everyone is encouraged to try, and try again then one of the mentors will help if you get it wrong”. “I was very happy when I later was able to answer tough Maths questions and played Maths games”.

15 year old Desmond Ogboru, also passed with flying colours, gaining an A over all. He praised EIE’s classes saying that he enjoyed “the freedom of learning at one’s pace during EIE sessions.” He added that there is so, so much flexibility, it allows me to explore wider and deeper in any subject I like.”

EIE is chaired by Chris Imafidon, the patriarch of Britain’s brainiest family, whose children were high achievers from a very young age. Two of his children became the youngest secondary school students after being accepted at the age of 9.  “Everyone can be taught to love Maths,” he stated,  “because simplicity and gamification should be at the heart of learning. With the right methods, tools, and techniques, every student is a genius.”

In the course of last academic year, EIE used its new learning methodology to deliver grade boost revision session to groups of students in poor performing schools in Newham and Brent Councils. A FREE online class will be given to any disappointed students who want to turn around their any low grade.  This is given on their website