Manchester bouncer stole clubbers' phones while they partied


A bouncer from Manchester has been given a 3 year suspended sentence after he was caught stealing the mobile phones of party goers.


Oloruntoba Adisa’s activities were uncovered when three clubbers enjoying a night out at Revolution de Cuba bar complained that their phones had gone missing while they were in the club.

Police were called when the three phones were found in Adisa’s pocket. It was soon discovered that Adisa had also stolen a phone the previous night. When the customer discovered her phone was missing and dialled her number, Adisa then attempted to sell the phone back to her, in an act that the judge described as ‘despicable.’

“I regard this as despicable behaviour,” judge Robert Anderson stated at Manchester Crown Court, after Adisa pled guilty to four counts of theft.

“Each of these offences were committed when you were the doorman of the club. The victims shouldn’t have had to worry about the staff stealing a mobile phone.

“One count is particularly concerning because you tried to negotiate with the phone’s real owner for its safe return. That was a mean thing to do, all of these offences were mean, but that was particularly mean.”

Adisa’s Jail term was suspended for 2 years and he will have to complete 100 hours of community service.