Loving wife, caring mother – a tribute to actress Golda John.


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Internationally renowned actress, Golda John turns 60 on 9th August 2014.

Campaigner for a happy home and stable marriage, actress Golda John, is releasing a memoir “Loving Wife and Caring Mother” to be on order via Facebook and later on Amazon, Kindle & eBooks.

In the book – a tribute to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee and 40 years as a professional actress, Golda says she will dedicate the rest of her life to counselling young couples. Golda, herself in a second relationship, vowed to lead the campaign to change the mindset of married and yet to be married youngsters. Marriage, she says, should be seen as very sacred; couples must be spiritually developed to ward off interference and distractions.

Divorce is currently at an astronomically high rate in the United Kingdom. Many divorced families cite causes ranging from financial constraints through intellectual or conjugal incompatibility to verbal or physical violence. According to the Office for National Statistics, 42 percent of marriages in 2014 will end in divorce based on figures recorded last year.

Golda John Abiola says, “You don’t have to be among the unpleasant statistics. Divorce has a devastating impact on all concerned, especially children. It results in unimaginable psychological damage that can affect them in their adult years. “Many in miserable relationships are not seeking help such as mediation, counselling or advice from faith leaders, opting instead to rush into the courts to seek divorce. Courts should work with professionals and family members to create time for reconciliation.” Golda John has had the experience of raising four children as a single parent and a second chance in an 18-year relationship with husband Mike Abiola, author of the book, who describes her as a wife to love forever. Describing Golda as a woman who has been able to combine her glamorous profession life with being a dutiful, dedicated, trustworthy and caring wife, Mike saw in her the exemplary characteristics that married women and all those aspiring to enjoy a lasting marriage need to emulate.

Experts have denounced married people who are not able to manage and sustain their homes as sowing the seeds for the generational curse of disorder. Others accuse those quick to embrace divorce as suffering a slave mentality; during the slavery era, families apparently so feared the emotional trauma that accompanied separation, they avoided family
bonds for fear of the inevitable.

Readers of the book will be intrigued from beginning to end by testimonies from professionals who have worked with Golda as well as other close associates, childhood classmates, family members, friends, VIPs and others whose opinions count. Golda’s real-life experiences, detailing how she surmounted the challenges of a failed marriage and have you wondering what best strategy to engage to secure your relationships, families and guarantee a happy marriage.



  1. What an absolutely endearing article. From Ile-Ife, Auntie Golda I’m raising a glass of Star lite on your Jubilee – God bless you today and always! Calling-calling!

  2. Very interesting book! A must read for everyone. 
    God gives a second chance at happiness even in marriages – the story therein says it all. 

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