Kenyan governor charged with murder and terrorism



Issa Timamy, the governor of Lamu, Kenya has been charged with murder and terrorism over the gun attacks that took place in Mpeketoni earlier this month.

Over 60 people were killed in the area, which is close to the popular tourist town of Lamu Island.  although terrorist group Al-Shabab claimed to be behind the attack President Kenyatta insists that politics is to blame.  Guns were fired in various hotels and police stations in the area.

Many of the victimswere Kikuyu, like the president, and have not been well tolerated by the Bajuni who are indigenous to the area, and believe that the Kikuyus are ‘taking over their land.’

Timamy, is a member of the Democratic Forum Party, an affiliate party to the government. While it remains uncertain as to why Timamy is a suspect,( although he is a Bajuni)  and opposition parties have dismissed the government’s claims, he will remain in custody until June 30th while investigations continue.

5 people were also killed in an attack on a Tuesday around 9 miles from Mpeketoni. 13 ‘separatists’ have been arrested in relation to the incident and who were thought to be planning more attacks.

As well as terror attacks committed by Al-Shabab, Kenya is also dealing with violence amongst its ethnic groups, who have been in disputes over land since the controversial elections in 2007.



  1. So long as he is not being targeted because of his tribe and there is strong evidence to convict him for that heinous act, then I am very happy. This is a new awakening for Africa.

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