Fugitive turned rapper caught with fake modelling job


A UK gangster fugitive turned international model and rapper, has been caught by police following years on the lam from the law.


30 year-old Ben Fibersima, who fled the country almost a decade ago after police found a stun gun, a canister of CS gas as well as stolen property in his home, was caught by police after they tricked him into believing they were a modelling company looking to hire him.

Back in 2008, when Fibersima was arrested and charged with weapon possession, robbery and fraud, he skipped bail and hopped on a plane to Australia where he reinvented himself as a model and rapper under the name Rocky Million. Fibersima quickly rose to fame and modelled for high end brands such as Tom Ford.  He even wrote a self-help book, boasting of his enormous success.

After returning to England, possibly assuming that the coast was clear, an anonymous informant alerted police about Fibersima’s return to Britain.

Posing as fake modelling agency WOU, police arrested Fibersima and charged him with two counts of theft, two counts of fraud and possession of an offensive weapon. He was sentenced 3 years and 9 months in prison.

“There is clear message here, that we will not forget you if you offend, and we will explore all options in tracing you and bringing you to justice,” Detective Inspector Pete Wallis, from Brent Police, said.

“Fibersima used false identities to evade capture for five years and developed a very public persona in Australia and internationally as a rap artist and model.

“Thankfully he is now paying for his crimes, due to the perseverance of Brent’s Wanted Offenders Unit.”