DMX seeks bankruptcy to wipe $1.2m child support debt



After years of struggling to make his debt payments, rapper DMX, who owes more than $1.2 million in unpaid child support, is looking for bankruptcy help, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

Sources say the controversial rapper is trying to launch a tour in Europe and Africa for the autumn to earn some desperately needed cash, but is unable to obtain a passport thanks to his unpaid debt.

In the United States, citizens who owe more than $2,500 in child support are prohibited from getting a new passport. The law is one of several regulations that punish parents who fail to make their child support payments.

Since DMX owes such a staggering sum in child support, he hasn’t been unable to obtain a passport, which threatens his ability to make his tour later this year. As a result, DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, filed for bankruptcy last week, in the hope that the bankruptcy judge will recognise the sorry state of his finances (he reportedly has less than $50,000 in assets, compared with millions of dollars in debt).

Of course, the rapper’s refusal to accept responsibility could make his pending bankruptcy process a bit more complicated. According to a statement released by DMX, his financial managers are responsible for failing to send his child support payments. Like several musicians who have filed for bankruptcy in the past, DMX believes his money managers are at fault for his financial troubles, and he hasn’t been shy about pointing the blame in the direction of his past representatives.

To be fair, though, DMX has also caused some of his own trouble. Last year, for example, a dog clothing line won a court order against DMX for more than $280,000 after he reportedly failed to perform his contractual duties to promote the company.

Also, he was reportedly arrested in South Carolina last week for drunk driving, which could prove costly as he is likely to accrue significant legal costs defending himself against the charges.

DMX remains optimistic about his future, which may hinge on a judge’s decision as to whether touring overseas is an option.