David Oyelowo to play NYPD cop and murdering PTSD veteran


British-Nigerian actor David Oyelowo will be starring in new crime thriller movie Three Seconds, set to be released later this year.


Oyelowo will star alongside Luke Evans (Furious 7) in the upcoming film based on the popular book by Swedish crime novelists Anders Roslund and Borge Hellstrom. It tells the story of an ex-con turned undercover FBI informant, who infiltrates a US prison, in order to get information about the Polish Mafia.

When his cover is blown, however, the protagonist, played by Evans, is deserted by the FBI and must find a way to escape from the prison on his own.

Oyelowo will star as a police detective, who grows suspicious about the FBI’s activity after one of his co-workers is killed.

The movie will be directed by Otto Bathurst, and has been adapted for the screen by writer Matt Cook.

“David Oyelowo continues to impress everyone with the varying roles he takes on and the depth he brings to his characters,” Alex Walton who is handling the film internationally, told The Hollywood Reporter.  “We’re very excited to see David, Luke and Otto bring such a gripping story to the big screen.”

Three Seconds is not the only Oyelowo film making headlines this week. It has also been announced that Oyelowo will be starring in psychological thriller film Nightingale as the only cast member. In this movie, Oyelowo plays a sexually repressed war veteran, who suffers from PTSD, has murdered his mother and is now living with her corpse.

The film was initially rejected by all of the major film festivals, however it was picked up by HBO after fellow actor and friend Brad Pitt, endorsed it.

The film will premiere on HBO on My 29th.