Celeb BB to scoop Bobbi Kristina?


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If rumours circulating showbiz circles are to be believed, Bobbi Kristina Brown, troubled daughter of Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston, will appear as a housemate in the upcoming exploitation-fest that is Celebrity Big Brother- a car-crash in the making if ever there as one.

The 20-year-old will reportedly be brought in for the show’s 12th season, where she’ll no doubt compete with stars, for want of a better word, that we’ve all heard of but forgotten; stars we’ve never heard of and stars we’ll quickly tire of hearing of.

Bobbi Kristina is expected to add quite a bit of controversy to the mix. One of the show’s insiders said: “We have had some madcap contestants over the years, but Bobbi Kristina could be the most controversial yet. She’s sure to bring in viewers with her bizarre antics and, of course, her memories of Whitney. Her parents were some of the most notorious hell-raisers in music, and Bobbi Kristina has had plenty of attention for her own behaviour.” Other US celebs to compete on Celebrity Big Brother have included tonsorially challenged rapper, Coolio and Heidi Montag with Spencer Pratt – collectively referred to as Speidi, who ended up being the runners up last season. In season 10, Jersey Shore’s Mike Sorrentino placed fourth.

Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother have received a refresh since controversy and falling ratings led to the format being dropped by Channel 4 in 2010. Channel 5 took up the reigns a year later and is currently broadcasting the closing weeks of ‘standard’ Big Brother.