And Emmerson emerged


Aftermath of the no-coup drama that compelled the negotiated exit of the President Mugabe, news emanating from the country indicate that Emmerson Mnangagwa, Zimbabwe’s immediate past vice-president is expected to be sworn in as the country’s second president since independence in 1980.

Emmerson Mnangagwa

Mnangagwa and Zimbabwe’s  head of the military, Gen. Constantino Chiwenga, were known to be friends and comrades at arms in the fight for Zimbabwe’s independence. All three were known to have suffered incarceration and have since bestrode the ‘best’ interests of the country.

Reuters quoted ruling party’s chief whip, Lovemore Matuke, as saying Mnangagwa will take office before close of this week and is expected to see out Mugabe’s current term till polls are next held.

Mugabe fired Mnangagwa, a former spy chief and defence minister in early November. Before firing him as veep, he had stripped him of his post as Justice Minister. The move on Mnangagwa was believed to be part of plans to push his wife Grace Mugabe into the vacant slot.

Mnangagwa – known as the ‘crocodile’ is reported to have fled through Mozambique to South Africa. His current whereabouts remain unknown but he had earlier on Tuesday asked his former boss to relinquish power in the interest of the nation.

Mugabe, 93, finally resigned his position as president of Zimbabwe after 37 years in charge. The ruling ZANU-PF had initiated impeachment processes against him following huge protests against him at the weekend.

Even though the party had expelled Mnangagwa after his sack, they reinstated him as member and chose him as leader on the same day they recalled Mugabe.

Meanwhile, a Zimbabwean academic gives his rundown on how the country can reset moving forward into the post-Mugabe era.

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