Adot’s Apprentice hits YouTube with a bang



A hilarious new BBC Apprentice spoof, Adot’s Apprentice, launched last week to over 18,000 YouTube views. The web series, written and directed by Upshot TV’s Sebastian Thiel, stars south London comedian Afolabi Dasaolu, known to his fans simply as Adot. Adot plays a 19-year-old millionaire entrepreneur from Abeokuta who moved to the UK to build a better life for himself and started various businesses including a line in apparently spicy sauce. As in the original series, ‘Sir’ Adot is looking for a new and exciting business idea, with amusing results.

The nine contestants (initially ten…but one got fired on the first day) come from various, somewhat dubious business backgrounds; from an ‘urban pharmacist’ to a pirate DVD distributor. The first two extremely well written and executed episodes serve to showcase Adot’s ever-growing talent, much to the pleasure of his fans. Adot’s Apprentice manages to pack several laugh out loud moments into each seven minute episode.

The show is part of the government’s new start up loan initiative and is backed by Elevation Networks, a youth employment charity that offers loans ‘to anyone over 18 who has a credible business idea.’ They are also offering training and mentoring.

The third episode of Adot’s Apprentice will be released on Monday, February 3rd.